101 Gifts 2009 Gave Me!

  1. Went back to being myself.
  2. Laughed till my sides hurt.
  3. Cried till my mouth went dry.
  4. Made a Yearbook with classmates.
  5. Got gripped by a fear of losing loved ones.
  6. Saw solid relationships fall apart.
  7. Saw a masterpiece of a movie (Read: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.)
  8. Loved studying Internet Communication Engineering.
  9. Finally wore a skirt.
  10. Saw a blunder of a movie (Read: London Dreams)
  11. Spent quality time with mom.
  12. Had a heart to heart chat with my sister.
  13. Went out for a chips date.
  14. Worried sick about my final semester results.
  15. Learnt to live in the present.
  16. Read a masterpiece of a book (Read: The Fountainhead)
  17. Wrote an unstructured poem (That is what I thought it was!)
  18. Got inspired by the optimism of a friend.
  19. Broke someone’s heart.
  20. Broke my own heart.
  21. Won movie tickets on the radio.
  22. Been at an all time low due to joblessness.
  23. Fasted the entire month of Ramzan.
  24. Went out on a movie date.
  25. Made a photo frame and photo album for friends.
  26. Did a small stint with the TOI.
  27. Enjoyed being all by myself for an entire month.
  28. Got obsessed with buying bangles.
  29. Went out for a coffee date.
  30. Got disconnected with everyone during my trip to Murud.
  31. Got hooked to Facebook.
  32. Had people walking out of my life.
  33. Stopped eating chips completely for a long period (BIG Achievement for me!)
  34. Had a heart shattering fight with a very close friend.
  35. Lost all hope.
  36. Got picked up by family and friends.
  37. Made up with that very close friend.
  38. Learnt how to be politically correct.
  39. And decided that I don’t wish to be politically correct.
  40. Read another masterpiece of a book (Read: The Lost Symbol)
  41. Went out for 2 Chicken Frankie dates.
  42. Worked with an Ad agency
  43. Quit the Ad Agency
  44. Won jewellery on the radio.
  45. Received an unexpected compliment from a complete stranger.
  46. Witnessed death in the family.
  47. Yearned for support when I felt all alone.
  48. Went out on a bhutta date and fell flat on my face (Actually fell due to wet mud!)
  49. Damaged my phone but still love it.
  50. Got wet in the rain.
  51. Wrote a poem full of pain.
  52. Disappointed a friend (Well, more than one actually!)
  53. Tried to make it up to them.
  54. Took a walk all by myself.
  55. Went shopping with my girl-friends.
  56. Got ‘advice’ from ‘adults’
  57. Was really let down and grossly neglected.
  58. Made a pencil pouch (the purple one) and embroidered it too.
  59. Learnt that everything in life is temporary.
  60. Learnt to value the people and things in my life.
  61. Prayed fervently. For family, friends and myself.
  62. Got treated like sh*t.
  63. Got treated like a princess.
  64. Went to my old school on Sport’s Day.
  65. Caught up with old teachers.
  66. Re-connected with a long lost friend.
  67. Tore away all my diaries.
  68. Had huge discussions on national integration.
  69. Endured a rough month due to almost no water in Nerul.
  70. Thought Slumdog was way too over-rated.
  71. Intentionally didn’t reach out for Chetan Bhagat’s book.
  72. Joined twitter.
  73. Learnt the hard way that history repeats itself.
  74. Learnt how to leave things behind.
  75. Ate a lot of ‘Crispy Chicken’ with my buddies.
  76. Drank more juice in SEM8 than all the other SEMs put together.
  77. Saw friends who had left walk back into my life.
  78. Followed an MTv Show. (My Gosh! What a waste of time! MTv??!!)
  79. Attended a friend’s wedding (I know, pretty early!)
  80. Contemplated on teaching in an engineering college (Then I told myself I had lost it!)
  81. Went out on a Paani Puri Date.
  82. Wrote an autobiography. The first time in my life!
  83. Got the shock of my life (Kinda private to disclose!)
  84. Cursed the Andheri traffic. (Thank God I got out of it alive!)
  85. Saw another blunder of a movie (Read: Kurbaan)
  86. Fell in love with the piano instrumental version of ‘Ye Dooriyan’
  87. Realised that hitting on a guy with girl-friends can be real fun.
  88. Finally went back to heels.
  89. Had long nails and painted them too (Another BIG Achievement for me!)
  90. Couldn’t help a friend out of a spot and felt sick about it.
  91. Added a new colour to my wardrobe: Black.
  92. Got ditched umpteen times.
  93. Stopped expecting things from people.
  94. Never received ‘No’ for an answer from a friend X whenever I asked for something (In Short: Got pampered.)
  95. Received tremendous support from family.
  96. Never shared a recurring issue with anyone.
  97. Felt really happy on the success of a friend.
  98. Witnessed injustice towards women and the lower section of society and felt terrible.
  99. Read a text book of Literature!
  100. Had the most amazing 6 writers I know, to write for my Blog.
  101. Wrote 6 pieces for the anniversary post but came up with this 7th one at the eleventh hour!

P.S. 1) Happy Birthday to my blog!!! 🙂
2) Once again, a BIG ‘Thank You’ to all my Guest Writers.
3) A HUGE Thank You to everyone who has been reading and everyone who has supported me all year long.

Lots of Love

14 thoughts on “101 Gifts 2009 Gave Me!

    1. Thanks a ton! I’ve been trying to reply on blogger wasn’t working. Anyway hope you have a great year ahead!


  1. Congratulations!! Although I may be a very new follower of your blog, I think your work is fantastic! Don't stop writing ever! any topic is fine(apart from calculus!!- I'm so mean!!)LOLLoads a wishes and good luck!


  2. Sam…feel like giving u a hug…this post…feels so honest n nice…!!! I am inspired truly…kicked to follow my heart once again!!!


  3. You Cried till my mouth went dry.Does that happen??Sameen: Waaaahhhh Waaaahhhh…oops i cant cry anymore. My Mouth is dry.


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