B for Boredom

Honestly, I am so bored to even write this post. Bored to put pen to paper (yes, those things still exist) and bored to string words. In the last one year my life has been pretty exciting. Pretty good. Touchwood. And 3 days of boredom is more than what I can take. Yeah, in the last 3 days my life has been as eventful as a beetroot’s life generally is. Coming to think of a beetroot, wouldn’t it be fun too be so rosy all the time without a rhyme or reason? Ahh, how would I know! So I’m thinking to myself, what do I do to spice my life? Generally, I take the initiative to add some much needed movement to it, even if it means retail therapy. But I’m off that too. Because I saw this video on Facebook the other day that showed how some people just blow 500 bucks in one go, while the same 500 bucks is someone’s school fees for a month. Oh damn, that video made me so sad and put me off retail therapy completely. Life’s not fair man! Really.

So, resort to next step to kill boredom. Talk to a friend. There’s this friend of mine who is a lot of fun. Mostly, because he says pretty smart things. Things that I would never think of. Every time I talk to him, he takes me by surprise. God knows how he comes up with those wise cracks and stinking jokes. Out of my intellectual capacity! So, tried talking to him; too bad even that’s not working. Next step, I went out for a Nerul darshanwith another friend for some fresh air. And guess what? Yeah man, even that’s not working. (I’m still as bored as hell.)

So, I had given up. And then comes in my neighbour’s daughter with a piece of paper that has a forest scene drawn on it. She wants me to help her with writing a story but she wants me to do it fast. “Didi mera serial aa raha hai 7 baje, mujhe jaldi jaana hai. Jaldi karo.” My sister asks her, “Kaunsa serial?” She replies, “Saas Bina Sasural.” I think to myself, Oh dear Lord! What’s happening to this world! Which child watches Saas Bina Sasural for God’s sake! I have half a mind to talk to her mother now. I did not know what TV was, except for those 10 a.m. cartoons, at that age! So, here I sit saying damn the television industry. But I’m sure no one’s listening.

Sometimes no one listens to you. All of us are so busy talking, who has the time to listen? Not many people do. Funnily enough, all the talking does not saturate you but all the listening does. (At least to me, it does.) You listen to someone and then you want someone to listen to you. It’s like this whole machinery designed of talking and listening that goes on and on. Sometimes you just need someone who has the time to hear what you have to say. Maybe not because you have something to say, but maybe because you want to say something. It may not be intelligent talk. It may be gibberish. It may be tripe. It may be banality that we indulge in. It’s desirable to have someone who will listen to you at times. Who will not judge you for what you have to say. Who will just listen and filter because they know all you wanted to do was vent. And as we’re growing up, I think, having someone to listen to becomes more of a necessity than anything else.

Sometimes, I need someone to just hear me out while I’m talking. I’m sure most of us do. Over the din and noise, I sometimes want to steal a quiet moment with someone, maybe on a hill overlooking the city, beneath the cloudy sky and talk. Or maybe, just keep quiet and hope that the person next to me will listen.

– Sameen

P.S: Thanks to all my friends who listen to me while I constantly jabber, as I am known to. And thanks to you for reading what I just had to say.

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