R for Rajnikanth

It was a sunny afternoon in the temple city of Madurai. We were visiting our paternal grandmother and relatives for the vacation. It was a time when Baasha [The mega block buster movie] of Rajni had released. I was 8 and it was almost like a festival out there. Giant mannequins, advertising boards which were... Continue Reading →

Q for Q.E.D

The basic under lying assumption for this proof is that you are in a relationship or care for someone a LOT. Given :  You are in a relationship (if you aren't already in one...) To Prove :  A person can never be truly happy, unless he/she is selfish... Proof : Now, you want yourself and... Continue Reading →

P for Penchant

Our conversations start with long stares, And end with half smiles, Long walks with friends, An excuse to watch you again. Your voice, a baritone, Warm and assuring, Your denims and white tee, Your hands strong, The sinews on your arms, Your long strides which slow down, As soon as you see me. We know... Continue Reading →

O for Orgasms and Overkill

Well, before you scan down the lines for some saucy bits of literary erotica let me tell you now, there isn’t any. Disappointed? No? Liar. But why then you might ask is the post has “Orgasms” in the title. The reason is obvious. Because it’s catchy and appealing to the imagination. And as humans we are prone... Continue Reading →

N for Nights

Of a whispering breath, A tender sigh, And silent wish upon a shooting star streaking across the velvet sky Of a loves caress Of a memory that tickles Of spontaneous thoughts that make your toes wiggle !!! Of smiles that cheer my despondent mind And laughter that awakens the sprite that hides within... Of gleaming... Continue Reading →

M for Metonymy

Mirror It falls upon a rock and breaks itself apart. Is it another wave of the sea; or is it my naïve heart? Mime On the golden grains of the ocean bed, under the full moon hanging in the sky; stay quietly, those unsaid words, within a distance of you and I. Mockery The last... Continue Reading →

L for Living

All of us have had a time when we 'got lost' and 'found purpose'! We have all seen ourselves in the teeth of tiring ordeals and in moments of ecstasy. For those who are stuck & tired yet struggling to make the change...here's something from my memory-attic! Hope u derive strength from it. I did. :-)... Continue Reading →

K for K Serials

When I first read the note (asking us to contribute to the run-up to the blogoversary of this blog), my reaction was that it was a good idea but I wouldn’t be able to contribute. However, the ‘wanting to contribute’ bit overpowered the self-depreciating bit and I signed up for not one but two articles.... Continue Reading →

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