Ever seen a sea when it is calm? The vast sky above it, countless lives inside it, and throbbing entities around it. Sometimes it has populated beaches around it, sometimes it has a pulsating city; sometimes it has nothing but sand to go to; sometimes it washes the feet of a quaint settlement. Yet, ever... Continue Reading →


We have been playing Secret Santa in office since yesterday. On the whole, we have been a team that has stood by each other very firmly for all of last year, but what I am witnessing right now is affection at a completely different level. Even though Christmas has passed, we decided to play Secret Santa as... Continue Reading →


Fear. The one emotion which is betrayed every time it makes itself apparent to its host. The one emotion which has been at the receiving end of every warrior’s bleeding sword; of every writer’s lethal pen; of every padre’s lively eloquence and of every child’s hindered imagination. I have been aligned with cowardice and shame... Continue Reading →


Sidney Sheldon, Mills & Boons, Danielle Steel have one common factor that makes some parents squirm to  watch their teens read it, and these books are also some of the top selling ones amongst the tweens. It is a fact that in between the 300 odd pages of a book lies around 5-10 pages describing... Continue Reading →


The gun smokes; I take off Sprinting away ahead of a crowd I push myself; leave some behind Overtake a runner; rejoice silently Watch some stumble yet stay on my path And as I come around the final bend And as the finish line becomes clearer The ribbon becomes a floating mirage. (Beep) I've been a... Continue Reading →


"He sought the great oblivion of sleep, and doubts all wakefulness now." The tiring mundane Monday had forced me into bed early at 10. But I couldn’t sleep. Hell with it, let’s get to some chicken soup for the soul writing stuff. Skeptic flashes of vivid memories. Fully remembered these half-forgotten for long now. Grabbing a... Continue Reading →

Existential Crisis

Why? What? How? Where? When? ... Those five constitute the five fundamental pillars of the philosophical conundrum of life. Everybody seeks answers to these questions. And nobody finds an answer to these questions. Some formulate their own answers that satisfy their limited world-view and which seems to work reasonably well when applied to the limited... Continue Reading →


Most people dedicate their thanks to God or spirits. As I believe in neither, this thankful note is to a kid who through his act of random kindness left an indelible mark in my memory and conscience. I request those reading this note not to expect the regular dose of puerile sarcasm or cynicism. These... Continue Reading →

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