The Four Layers of Linen

Recently, I saw the 2011 Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris. Although, it was recommended to me a long time ago, I could never lay my hands on it. It was aired on HBO a few days ago and I happened to see it. On an unrelated note, I think watching movies on the TV... Continue Reading →

Here’s a thought…

Four years ago I started this blog to channel my energy in one direction. I needed to use my energy positively and I was introduced to blogging, so I thought why not? Year after year, amarllyis became my voice and I consciously started working on my writing. I tried to improve it and cater myself... Continue Reading →

City of Djinns

There is more than just one relationship one can have with a book. What one takes away from a book is noteworthy and much discussed, but what one brings to a book is far less acknowledged. More often than not, one approaches a book with expectations; to be enchanted, enthralled, entertained, emancipated and even educated.... Continue Reading →

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