A list of promises we must make ⁃ To unlearn the prejudices handed to us by our elders ⁃ To be seen. By ourselves. ⁃ To hold on to our anger and to let it sediment into a China cup. ⁃ To pour that cup away. ⁃ To plant a tree. ⁃ To expand ourselves... Continue Reading →

Little Do You Know

I don't like writing year-end posts full of sentimental learnings and sweet nothings. Not that there is anything wrong with them. I just think that because of the emotion associated with them — the emotion of the end of a year and the beginning of a new one — they are heightened and usually serve little... Continue Reading →

You and Your Heart

On Starry Nights and Beating Hearts Under a clear night sky in Villupuram One evening, I was out with frolleagues (colleagues who are friends). We went to a rooftop cafe which opened up to the sky and the overlooked the sea. As darkness descended, we looked up and found just one shiny object in the... Continue Reading →


It's the blogoversary. I had ice cream with the person because of whom I started blogging. And I laughed. Happy 7.

Six Times Over

Maybe it's time for me to stop blogging - this is a thought that came to me many times during this year. Simply because of the fact that it's been 6 years since I started and I'm not sure how far I've come. Although this doesn't come from a sense of worthlessness that dominated 2013... Continue Reading →

Knock on Wood

It's been 5 years since 2008. When I counted how many years it has been on my fingers when I was half-asleep I had to wake myself up. Really? I said to myself. 5 years of blogging. How vela have I been? So, this is the post where I recount how wonderful this year has... Continue Reading →

The Four Layers of Linen

Recently, I saw the 2011 Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris. Although, it was recommended to me a long time ago, I could never lay my hands on it. It was aired on HBO a few days ago and I happened to see it. On an unrelated note, I think watching movies on the TV... Continue Reading →


Ever seen a sea when it is calm? The vast sky above it, countless lives inside it, and throbbing entities around it. Sometimes it has populated beaches around it, sometimes it has a pulsating city; sometimes it has nothing but sand to go to; sometimes it washes the feet of a quaint settlement. Yet, ever... Continue Reading →

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