Ever seen a sea when it is calm? The vast sky above it, countless lives inside it, and throbbing entities around it. Sometimes it has populated beaches around it, sometimes it has a pulsating city; sometimes it has nothing but sand to go to; sometimes it washes the feet of a quaint settlement. Yet, ever... Continue Reading →

A to Z

And this is the post where I write something that symbolizes the end of one year and the beginning of another; for my blog, that is. So, keeping in tandem with all the clichés I should be writing about… reminiscences maybe, or hope; laughter and gratitude even; or maybe an account of my escapades during... Continue Reading →

101 Gifts 2009 Gave Me!

Went back to being myself. Laughed till my sides hurt. Cried till my mouth went dry. Made a Yearbook with classmates. Got gripped by a fear of losing loved ones. Saw solid relationships fall apart. Saw a masterpiece of a movie (Read: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.) Loved studying Internet Communication Engineering. Finally wore... Continue Reading →

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