A friend shared the following on Facebook. I wanted to save it somewhere and I thought my blog would be the best place to do that. 3 exceptional lines that echo one thought in a crazily awesome manner. (I could have used better adjectives but this is crazily awesome.) There has been no better use... Continue Reading →

10 Things I Find True

I write here not because I have a lot to say, but because I have something to share. Incidentally, what I am about to share has made me write the list that follows. I was on Stumble this afternoon and came across this lovely video. This video is for anyone who loves poetry, anyone who... Continue Reading →

Any Prince to Any Princess

A friend shared this poem with me. I think this is a superb take on fairytales-the ones that we've left far behind. Here's to revision... *** Any Prince to Any Princess ~ by Adrian Henri August is coming and the goose, I’m afraid, is getting fat. There have been no golden eggs for some months... Continue Reading →

Dust of Snow

I think Robert Frost is the God of poetry. This is proof of how great that man was. 8 lines and such power! *** The way a crow Shook down on me The dust of snow From a hemlock tree Has given my heart A change of mood And saved some part Of a day... Continue Reading →

Between Us | Yeha, Whatever!

I have been following Tame SheWolf for a while now and I get her posts delivered via e-mail. I was sitting in a mall when this one got delivered to my inbox. I started reading it, and, for me, the mall began fading out into the background. This poem made me think of a porch... Continue Reading →

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