Shape of My Heart

It's all the little things and how they fall into the intervals of day-to-day living, of you and your countenances. They arrange themselves around me, not saying the things I knew you would say because your absence fills its place, being where you may have been, knowing you'd pick this piece or that and sometimes... Continue Reading →


Every morning, she pulls herself out of the rabbit hole, climbs down her bed, and gently lands on her feet. The remains of the previous night are scattered alibi on the floor — worn out stationery, money gone out of circulation, handwritten telephone diaries, the wreckage of old friends. Who made this mess? Where are... Continue Reading →

It Is Here

They could destroy the world with equal portions death fire screaming nauseating crawling and throwing. Hell closed with a slight smile and whistled a melody.

The People Beyond Our Doors

He went in the future and made startling sounds that would spin for hours. Sometimes he would chew the color of not long before. He was broken. He won't show it to anyone but you. Let him come in.

Break Open

Belong to anyone else. Not put up any resistance. Trembling with blood Flung far away Opened and linked by confused hallucinations melting into one half-completed smile. Be finished and temporary. Bring back the broken. Step forward and complete that torn darkness. Open with surprise picking at the scabs of the wound.  

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