You and Your Heart

On Starry Nights and Beating Hearts Under a clear night sky in Villupuram One evening, I was out with frolleagues (colleagues who are friends). We went to a rooftop cafe which opened up to the sky and the overlooked the sea. As darkness descended, we looked up and found just one shiny object in the... Continue Reading →

Soundwaves of Gold

On Poetry in Everyday Life In and Around Adishakti Theatre Long ago, I used to write poems about photos taken by friends (who are not friends anymore). It wasn't a conscious effort at collaboration, if you will. But it wasn't wholly my creation. It was shared. When I read the poems now, it seems like... Continue Reading →

This Is What You Came For

On Familiarity Somewhere off Auroville; In a Place Far, Far Away On my way back home, for an instant, I wished I could go over to Boy and tell him about how I had met someone almost like him and then not like him at all. Then, I thought of telling FF about how I’d... Continue Reading →

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