About a year and a half ago, someone recommended that I read Dozakhnama by Ravishankar Bal. Read Dozakhnama, they said. It's a conversation between dead Manto and dead Ghalib, they said. I bought myself a copy, but I was dismayed on seeing that the poetry of Ghalib interspersed in the novel was printed in Urdu... Continue Reading →

Somewhere in the Middle

Once upon a time, foster father showed me a photograph of Robert Frost's house which he visited while in the U.S. The photo looked like the angels in the heavens had taken up the place as a pet project and done it up in the most precious leaves, barks of trees, and pristine water for... Continue Reading →

City of Djinns

There is more than just one relationship one can have with a book. What one takes away from a book is noteworthy and much discussed, but what one brings to a book is far less acknowledged. More often than not, one approaches a book with expectations; to be enchanted, enthralled, entertained, emancipated and even educated.... Continue Reading →

Ghalib Memorial

Previously, I have written about Mirza Ghalib when I had finished reading the book Mirza Ghalib: A Biographical Scenario by Gulzar. I read about his house and the lanes where he strolled. Here are a few pictures from the present day Ghalib Memorial at Ballimaran, Delhi. The nearest metro stop is Chawri Bazaar. "Garcha hai mulke Deccan... Continue Reading →

Reading Gulzar and Meeting Ghalib

I just finished reading Mirza Ghalib: A Biographical Scenario by Gulzar. There is a lingering sadness that the book came to an end. However, there is also a fulfilling warmth inside. It was a beautiful journey. It was so calming that Time walked with me hand in hand and we were glad to have each others' company.... Continue Reading →

Travelling at Night

A blanket with doodles of greying edifices, sleeping fields and dotted streetlights folds in several places where the roads meet and the streets part. The earth-a blanket when the night sky comes out to watch. I'm a tiny speck moving on the rough sketch when all is silent, everyone is asleep and I'm travelling. I... Continue Reading →

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