Every morning, she pulls herself out of the rabbit hole, climbs down her bed, and gently lands on her feet. The remains of the previous night are scattered alibi on the floor — worn out stationery, money gone out of circulation, handwritten telephone diaries, the wreckage of old friends. Who made this mess? Where are... Continue Reading →

Soundwaves of Gold

On Poetry in Everyday Life In and Around Adishakti Theatre Long ago, I used to write poems about photos taken by friends (who are not friends anymore). It wasn't a conscious effort at collaboration, if you will. But it wasn't wholly my creation. It was shared. When I read the poems now, it seems like... Continue Reading →

I Want to Read

Suddenly the words have drained their colours which have run down and smeared my fingertips, and stained my nails causing me to recoil every time I bite them in the anxiety of how I have lost the most precious of gifts - words. For I want to read a book, in the dead of the... Continue Reading →


His eyes spoke to me and piled on volumes and volumes of poems about an open field of sky and chaffed grain on the doorstep. I asked him questions about his life and never heard the answers because the clouds in his eyes paraded his pain, his longing, his joy, and his fire. They never... Continue Reading →

On Reading Atkinson

Hades came darting with horses as I poured sherbet into a carafe Lilacs bloomed on my doorstep and crept up on the cat's wooden staff The sky was a purple puddle and when I sat down to read a fire erupted behind me while I sipped on chamomile tea My brother accompanied the fishes as... Continue Reading →

While I wasn’t looking…

Dream catchers Cinnamon dust Satin ribbons Perfect pie crusts Fairy tales Silver chains I knew of pastels And purple moon rains Hill view gardens Forget me nots I brought home rabbits To grand mum's cot Bright red murals Cotton handkerchiefs I potted a plant On occupied window sills Wilted leaves Crumpled whites Peeling off pictures... Continue Reading →


Juggling and struggling A never-ending climb Within the universe When signs begin to mime I look for patterns In fractals that fall in line And take away tiny fragments Of possible answers I want to find But the jigsaw makes little sense And the fragments do not rhyme and the characters don't match with those... Continue Reading →


Wistful drops of dew gleam in dull sunshine Dressed in ochre hue Leaves in silence chime Autumn doesn't subdue Heartfelt springtime Fear bids adieu When our hands entwine What once were me and you are now yours and mine

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