Happiness is in Repetition

I’ve been thinking about ‘time’ quite a bit for a few days now. I’ve also been thinking about language. However, time more than language. It seems as though time tends to cement certain experiences, people, and beliefs in our life. We’re like granite and time, the pressure. We form later upon layer and time cements it. So, by corollary, if you spend a lot of time with something, it becomes a part of you. However, that’s not what I’ve been thinking so much; this is only the conclusion.

I’ve been thinking about the last three years and how my life has changed so much even though I haven’t changed cities or anything. I’ve done my fair share of travelling, but there’s been a sea of change inside me. And that still isn’t what I’ve been thinking about.

One of my friends who I used to quarrel with incessantly, met me the other day and we were really glad to see each other. All that quarrelling aside, one was happy to see a person. That’s what got me thinking about time and familiarity and just passing through life together so much so that one recognizes people who have made this journey together. That’s what it is about consistency and routine – as much as I am averse to both. It imprints you in time. You become a part of the people around you and they become a part of you. That kind of cementing is powerful in its own way. Because, as Kundera so astutely said in The Unbearable Lightness of Being, happiness is in repetition, in knowing that what has been will be.

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