NFTs, Climate Change, and All That Jazz

I had written this article while researching NFTs at work back in May/June 2022. It covers thoughts and research around emerging blockchain technology, capitalism & art, climate change, women's unpaid labour, and the debunking of the GDP myth. “The ultimate, hidden truth of the world is that it is something that we make, and could... Continue Reading →

You Are Here

You know that all characters appearing in this article are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. It’s dark and uncomfortable. You’re in the middle of this darkness wondering which way life will go, which way this world will go. You were certain that the future would be a... Continue Reading →

What are the chances?

Upon a great tide, one fine day, I was given a piece of advice that I liked. "You will always need to make new friends once every five years. Not only because some of the old ones will move away, but also because there are some really wonderful people in the world." And ta-da, I... Continue Reading →

Small Mercies

A couple of (sensible) and noteworthy incidents happened today. I almost felt like myself again. 1. I had an epiphany, that some people deserve their choices. They really, really do. And therefore, I deserve my twisted, terrible choices too. But that also means I can choose to put them behind me and make better ones.... Continue Reading →

Currently Learning

When R was creating the new look for the blog, I asked him to incorporate a space where I could stack whatever I was doing/learning/watching at a given point of time. That gave birth to the 'Currently Savouring' section on the Who's this girl, page. At the time, I wanted to motivate myself to learn... Continue Reading →

Decoding Freedom

I was walking towards Marine Drive today. It was 8:30 pm. Along the sidewalk, there's a Tanishq store - a huge jewellery selling outlet. One of the showcases was fitted with white light that fell on the floor. This made a spotlight of a small boy who was sprawled below with a note book and... Continue Reading →

Wait for me

One of those days when I have wanted to kick back my shoes, and just lay down somewhere, anywhere, and I did. When I've pulled down the fastens from my hair and ran my fingers through it not worrying about how they fall. When I've curled up with back to back shows to escape the... Continue Reading →

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