Sprinkled Sentiments #16

400. I have to admit it somewhere, so it might as well be here. I read a major chunk of Refusing Heaven and I didn't understand a major chunk of it. What I know from this experience is that I still have learning to do. And that makes me happy. For isn't it wonderful to... Continue Reading →

Feel It Still

The first time I found myself introduced to the thought as a coherent and verbalised expression was when I read it in a letter. It was a time of great contradictions. These words came like unannounced rain washing everything and leaving behind a dampness that just wouldn’t go away. My head became clear, cold, and... Continue Reading →

Ivy and Gold

For the last four days, I've been watching the late afternoon with more attention than usual. The evening sunshine gingerly lights up the thick green creepers on the hill behind my workplace. I watch the silver fern as the wind blows and go down for a walk to feel the evening sun on my skin.... Continue Reading →

Sprinkled Sentiments #15

375. "Baraduc claimed to be able to photograph emotions ... He sought out emotionally agitated people, then held light-proof paper a few inches from their heads. He found that the same emotion would make the same kind of impression upon the photographic plate, but different emotions produced different images. Anger looked like fireworks. Love was... Continue Reading →

All of Me

Day (n - 11)  A Moment of Immense Joy; 3:19 pm Receives a set of books from a dear friend. 97 books from 97 different countries. Feels cared for. Feels like someone is listening. Day (n - 10) Map Hunting; 11:45 am Scours the Internet for a good world map to start the book reading... Continue Reading →

This Year…

I hope that you watch the moon rise over the heads of people very different from you, and yet you love them. I hope that you watch your words - whether you write them, read them, or say them - and know that sometimes they're all you have. I hope that you find comfort in... Continue Reading →

2015 Resolutions? Well, Why Not?

Here's my impromptu, unplanned list of resolutions for 2015. Of course, I'm just building on what I imagine the future to be. I think that basing your future decisions on the past is a misunderstanding. It causes one to be prejudiced about what is to come rather than open up and embrace what is to... Continue Reading →

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