Raging Optimist Here

Wearing a mascara is all fun and games until you have to remove it. Leaving the black caked liquid on my eyelashes is not an option but every time I need to do a cleansing routine, it is as if the day’s worries have descended upon them. In the many weeks that have passed since... Continue Reading →

Waiting on the World to Change

It is hard to write about a vacation when most people resent you for having taken it. It is safe to say, though, that I have returned from London with a deep appreciation for clotted cream and a vengeful disdain towards Mumbai's public transportation. In fact, I have developed such a hatred towards it that... Continue Reading →

Version of Me

One of the gifts I have given myself over the years, and painfully gained, is how to unlearn everything I was taught while growing up. Everything that was fed to me about the world, religion, being female, who I am, and how I was supposed to end up. It has been a gradual process of... Continue Reading →

After Dark

It is always hard coming back to this blog after interrupted periods of time. It feels like so much has happened that I haven't told you about, told this blog about. As if there is lots of catching up to do. I remember taking a break from writing because everything was so enmeshed into everything... Continue Reading →

Heart’s Having a Hard Time

I imagine that every new year feels like how I'd expect my potential boyfriend/husband to feel — the pressure of being fantastic is unimaginable. After all, everyone has such high expectations from it. As far as I am concerned, these two weeks have been characterised by a lot of discord and hurt. I wasn't going to... Continue Reading →

All I Know

I received three rejection emails this week. Two of them were for a piece of work I have a lot of faith in. The third one? Let's just say, it is what it is. For writers/aspiring writers, November is a good time to reflect over your work because someone in your circle is participating in... Continue Reading →

Should Have Known Better

I guess from time to time one finds oneself disappointed. Unless of course, you're an evolved piece of social media garbage who buys into the suspending expectations tribe then you don't. Enid Blyton wrote a book titled The Enchanted Wood and I've borrowed it from AT to read it. I recognise that it's much too... Continue Reading →


There's a golden rule they tell us writers — the longer you don't write, the harder it becomes to even put out a sentence on the page — and it's as good as gospel truth. A quiet sort of dread settles inside you and you're scared of what words you're going to say, how bad they're... Continue Reading →

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