A Sadness Runs Through Her

April was tough. Tough and magical. Tough, magical, and surreal.  My heart has been stretched, full, and wrung at varying times during the warm, Gulmohar-laden month of April. I’ve written 30 poems for NaPoWriMo, kept as many rozas as women can keep (23, because: periods), cooked whatever dish was fancied that day for Iftar, and... Continue Reading →

The Constitution of a Wound

Two days ago, I was walking to the parking lot after having an intense conversation with an old friend about something that was weighing on her and I started laughing to myself. It has been a week of intense conversations with friends about trauma, ageing, anxiety, quality of life and work, loss of money, loves... Continue Reading →


I miss watching Big Shot on Disney Plus. Every episode used to feel like a warm hug. For the uninitiated, Big Shot is about an excellent but temperamental basketball coach who is demoted to coach high school girls in San Diego after he throws a chair at a high-stakes, televised basketball game. He arrives at... Continue Reading →

The Death of Nuance

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. Jiddu Krishnamurti These days I have been going out into the physical world and not complementing it with an online counterpart. I don’t read much content online, don’t see thought posts about mental health, food wars or exhaustive travel hacks,... Continue Reading →


After a point of time, even I get bored of hearing myself tell the same stories but to different set of people. As if explaining my life to different people is a desperate measure to be understood. They’re the same stories — about a food not eaten, an anecdote from my past, the literature festival... Continue Reading →

Look at Her Now

I think that my reluctance to blog regularly will save me from my own feelings and from occupying space in the social order. Of course, that is happening only in my mind. I want to save myself from voicing the fact that I know we are living through collapse of society around us, however the... Continue Reading →


I'm starting to think that my brain has evolved and entered a new realm. In this realm, it requires softer movements, lowered sounds, and less cognitive overload. The truth simply is that I am not as much of a hustler as I used to be, and my brain has graduated into a slower state. Is... Continue Reading →

Darn That Dream

At some point, I think it would be good for me to just look up the meaning of ennui, be the 15-year old girl who uses a theme to write a blog post, and just get straight to it. I am not that girl, though. No matter how hard I might want to try. I... Continue Reading →

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