Upside Down

In an episode of The Big Bang Theory, Howard is asked to throw the first pitch at a baseball game. Woefully incompetent at anything remotely related to sports, he turns to taking lessons from Bernadette and Raj. When he has doubts about his ability to throw even that one ball, he calls his colleague with... Continue Reading →

Jolts, and then, Silence

Last week I was reminded by a friend that I have cancelled not one but two trips, and consequently, I have paid an inordinate amount of money to a couple of Airlines for being a sitting duck. It has got everything to do with the fact that I just don't want to get on to... Continue Reading →


Occasionally, I sit in the darkness of the night and look outside the floor-to-ceiling window as the rest of the city houses go to sleep, one by one. In those moments of silence, I begin to untangle the fairy lights of my mind. I try. And when the last house has shut its lights, I notice... Continue Reading →

Jibber Jabber

The past three weeks have been exhausting. So much so that my right arm and fingers hurt from the incessant typing and my shoulders ache from crouching over my laptop. Also, I must heavily stock up on sleep this weekend. I write this because I have a debt of honour to pay, and because I have... Continue Reading →

Recent Tidings

A couple of things have changed in the recent past. For starters, today I realised that my virtual interaction with people on the other side of the Internet has decreased. I have had many more face-to-face interactions and somehow I remember them more clearly in my head. I have also spoken more on the phone... Continue Reading →

Last Seen At

On the Sion-Panvel highway, where the buses stop to let passengers board, is an expanse of road that would put the moon's surface to shame. More often than not, that stretch of pockmarks is filled with water turning it into a giant ditch. When I pass by the bus stop every morning, I experience this burning feeling... Continue Reading →


Quickly, before I wrap up this day I sit down here with my thoughts to write a few of them on my blog. Because my blog sits here waiting until I can run from pillar to post and then neatly arrange the thoughts in my mind to form a structured post. Today, (and some others... Continue Reading →

Tipping the scales. Or not.

Etiquette got thrown out of the window and was trampled by the passing truck. I have been meaning to write this post for long now, however, I feel I'm not assertive enough. In spite of my shortcoming, I shall try nonetheless. Much is said about how it's rude to address a fat woman as fat.... Continue Reading →

When all is not Blue and Red

I don't know why some people would type only in title case or stick chewed gum under the bus seat. I don't know why it's okay for some girls to chase local trains in heels or tweet about their crush all day. I don't know why most people would choose burger without cheese and why... Continue Reading →

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