I'm not sure when all of this became such a burden. Most people say that your heart knows where you need to go, where you need to be and with who you need to be. But what if your heart doesn't talk to you anymore? I get into a local train and feel suffocated more... Continue Reading →

Insatiable Desires

All truth is either judgement or observation. *** Some people are never happy with anything they have. They can't find in themselves that satisfying feeling which tells them, "Oh yes, this is pretty good. I feel fine." No, they don't. There's never enough. Not enough sugar in tea. Not enough talking over the phone. Not... Continue Reading →

Of Being Eight and Older…

I am an incorrigible romantic. I think the world is beautiful and every thing that is nice and lovely outweighs the dark and unnecessary. I am hopelessly idealistic. Or I was. I find it easy not to associate myself with anything that interferes my peace of mind. If I want to sleep a little extra, I will.... Continue Reading →

Making it Worthwhile

I wrote this as a guest post for a friend quite some time ago on her blog, here. *** You don’t “take” a vacation. A vacation “takes” you where you need to be. So says me and my recent excursion to Delhi. In the travel-map of my mind, my vacations are not labelled by what... Continue Reading →

Writing at Work…and Thinking

It's been a while I've written something for myself. Mostly, I attribute the negligence to this space to the fact that I do a lot of writing at work, and I'm almost, always saturated. I can't bring myself to write some more. Fortunately, for me, my work entails something I really like doing—writing. These days,... Continue Reading →

It’s Been A While…

I was watching the final season of Desperate Housewives over the weekend. The show, if you keep your prejudices about the name aside, is a very brilliantly written show. I respect any creation that has a good story as its spine. It makes me respect the writer and everyone who agreed to work on it.... Continue Reading →


Hands hold Fists clench Arms bend Palms fend Eyes weep Tears shine Dreams see Hurt mimes Gaps widen Fingers play Nails scratch Rings stay Breath stilts Wishes whine Time stops Clocks chime -Sameen  

Finding What You Need

Recently, I found a book of quotes and poems I collected while I was a teenager. (That does make me sound old, but I'll keep that aside for now.) The book, with flowers and birds on it, is full of hope, love, friendship, little stars, and lots of warmth and optimism. It is refreshing to... Continue Reading →

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