Sprinkled Sentiments – Part 8

Henceforth, I have decided to re-name this post from “Don’t Ask Me Why – Part #” to ‘Sprinkled Sentiments – Part #’. Here we go:

200. I’m listening to Taylor Swift’s new album, Speak Now, because that’s the only music that I really have access to. (Long, sad story; don’t have time to get into it and I’m sure you don’t want to know either.) The point I was trying to make is: after listening to it I feel like a 15 yr old again. I used to hear such stuff in my teens. It’s all mushy and so in love and all that jazz.

199. Coffee doesn’t give me a high. Chocolate does. I’m addicted to it. Chocolate pastry, Cadbury chocolate shots, chocolate brownie, chocolate preparations at CCD; you name it. Oh yeah, that reminds me – recently I happened to be at theobroma and the chocolate brownie, chocolate ganache, chocolate coated biscuit and the chocolate opium I had, was to die for. DIE FOR. *salivating at the thought* Make sure you visit and if you need company you know where to turn. *me me*

198. Just finished reading ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell. In one word it is so ‘relevant’. It is a fine satire on how power corrupts anyone who has it. In this case, power corrupts animals. Beautifully done. A very entertaining read. Concise. To the point. And relevant. Yes, that’s the word. Relevant. Read it and you have the answer to all the scams that are plastered all over the place. It is a novella (short novel) it would take hardly any time to read it. Recommended.

197. Doing too much of unnecessary thinking. My nails are all out of shape thanks to that.

196. “Time turns flames to embers/you’ll have new Septembers…” True, isn’t it?

195. Going by the way the weather is behaving, it might snow in Mumbai in December and I won’t be surprised.

194. My company rocks. Totally.

193. “Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya/ mai fikr ko dhuye me udata chala gaya…” A song we can live our whole lives by.

192. The other day a friend posted her “first haiku” as her status of Facebook. I knew what a haiku is, all right. But I’ve been delaying doing it for a long time now, as I wanted to get it right, technically. I want my haiku to have 17 syllables: 5 in the first line, 7 in the next one and 5 in the last line. So, I went on about brushing my syllable knowledge. In sometime, I’ll be writing my first haiku. *Fingers crossed*

191. That reminds me I’ve been delaying to write a sonnet too, again, because I wanted to gain some proficiency in poetry writing to move on to these technical forms of poetry.

190. ‘Kyon’ from ‘All the Best’ is a very beautiful, hummable, romantic number.

189. The other day, I was looking at photographs of my childhood. I saw a picture in which I’m standing with my friend. We are hardly 4 feet tall and we’re both wearing a blue and white frock. Looking closely, I saw we’re holding hands. It was so cute. Today, we have drifted to different geographies, professions and friend circles, but she still remains my first friend. And will always remain. No matter how many more friends I may be bestowed with, that is something that will never change!

188. Firsts are special, more so because they never change. No matter how hard you try. My first job. My first poem. My first manager. My first race. Today, they may seem far off and not-cool but they’re there; somewhere in the recesses of my life. Somewhere in that journey of time.

187. Only yesterday, I read that the botanical name of the chocolate plant is ‘Theobrama Cacao’ and it means the ‘Food of the Gods.’ Oh baby, do I now know why theobroma is called theobroma!

186. Wo = Payal

185. Today is 26/11. It’s been 2 years. And it still feels like an unreal nightmare.

184. I want to mention my colleague here. For 2 reasons: Firstly, he is a carbon copy of one of my best-est guy friends, so much so, that they even say the same lines. (“Koi load nahi.”) Sometimes, I have a feeling they are the same person. They say people can look like each other but these guys are just like each other! It’s incredible. Secondly, because he makes me smile, think, laugh and feel pampered.

183. I hate MOST adults. They are the cause of all the problems in the world. I hate their know-it-all attitude. I hate the lines they draw, the boundaries they make. I hate their suppositions. I hate their ego-massaging-techniques. I hate their condescending attitude. In short, I think they are no good.

182. Now that’s a beautiful haiku: “Barren winter trees / sprouting birds on every branch: / Memories of spring.” – Chuck Gallozzi

181. All the guys are rushing to the gym and all the girls are getting married. Coincidence? I don’t think so. 😉

180. I prefer curly hair to poker straight hair. Fake curly hair looks way better than fake straight hair.

179. The cartoon week on FB makes the news feed look like a riot of colours. And as I’m in love with colours, no point for guessing that it makes me happy.  My DP is that of Tinkerbell. The fairy from Peter Pan by James M. Barrie. Yes, she.

178. MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA – SEASON 2. *Bows down to you* m/

177. Oh yes, have been meaning to say this for so long: I love the way Mr. Bachchan says, “Ghadiyal babu chal pade hai…” in KBC4. This season is truly awesome. Because the people who come to the hot-seat are REAL and represent the true picture of India. Also because, a woman became the first crorepati of the season in spite of the resistance she’s faced all her life. Hail woman power!

176. Shiela Ki Jawani. Alas, those things in life: like them or hate them, but you can’t ignore them.

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  1. I like these random posts… there’s nothing to prove in em, and they’re oh so fun to read and write 🙂
    And Gallozzi has some other awesome haikus… altho I’m sure wen u write urs, it’ll be pretty too..
    And thanks for letting me know of the Cartoon Week. I thot it was just a coincidence…


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