I know the wealth
and the stories that come with it
I know the change that is kept
in the back pocket
and the history that comes with it
I know that the glue
will go dry after a while
of staying on the table
and that the cup stains might not go away
after all
I know that the telephone diary
will become yellow and old
and maybe even unnecessary
I know that the door might creak
and that her favourite food might not be
chicken fried rice
I know that my childhood
will be more dear to me then
than now
I know that the knives will need to be
I know that the fairy stories might go away
and that I will have to make an effort
to tell them to him
because he might not listen
I know that typing will replace writing
but I can hope that it won’t
I know that I won’t be as thin and that
my poems will become dated
I know that my green frames will be
out of fashion and that
my rearview mirror will be like a
movie reel
I know that the money could be a lot
and that my change will not be as valuable
and I know that the stories that I carried with it
might be all I have had left
I know that one day my history will be
like a thick, fat, red book
which will lie on the shelf
and remind me of the journey I took to get there
I just don’t know how
I would relate to it without you by my side


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