Sprinkled Sentiments # 12

It’s been 6 months since my last Sprinkled Sentiments post and, therefore, this is a good time to write another one. Although, I must add that I just read the last post and it seemed like I had a pretty interesting life back then. Anyhow, here we go.

300. I am addicted to the show Grey’s Anatomy. I love how it has such a strong, emotional pull. It hits you right at the spot, and it is such a wonderfully made medical-drama! My favourite character in the show is Dr. Christina Yang. She has unwavering focus in life. She has her priorities sorted and she knows where she is going. She, also, has the least issues as far as I can see, because she handles them with elan. I love Yang. (I’ll stop here or it’ll turn into a post in spite of a list.)

299. A lot of celebrities have died this year. On a partially unrelated note, according to the Mayans we just have one month left to go on this planet. I’m not sure if the truth about this trivia is a good or bad thing.

298. The human mind is the most powerful thing. It can play tricks on you. Someone rightly said, either you control your mind or it controls you.

297. People can be classified into two groups too many times over. These days, I classify them as warm or cold.

296. I really liked Taylor Swift’s previous album Speak Now. In comparison, her latest album Red is way below the mark. Speak Now was carefully concocted, with relate-able lyrics and soothing music. A girl could sing those when she needed cushioning or sprucing up. Red is nowhere close. I consider buying the album Speak Now, but I wouldn’t spend a quid on Red.

295. I’m not sure if I’ve ever written about this, but Donald Duck is my favourite cartoon character. I just love Donald. Even though he doesn’t wear pants? Yes. Even then.

294. It’s no fun eating delicious things alone. There is disbelief in armistice and then there is war. There is satisfaction in fighting for a bigger piece and then sharing it equally. There is some orchestra in leading up to start gobbling and finish off like one didn’t care. There is healing in sharing.

293. I have also been watching the show S**t My Dad Says. I like the show. I particularly like how the father has a witty-leaning-towards-caustic tongue, but how he eventually listens to his son and makes peace with whoever he was at war with. That man, Ed Goodson, is a real-character like most fathers who are tough on the outside but soft on the inside. His son, Henry Goodson, is also a good character. Pity they didn’t make more than one season.
Video Clip From The Show

292. Somehow, proof isn’t enough. My mom always used to say that an apothecary named Lukman Hayat used to say, “Shak ka koi ilaaj nahi hai.” It means, “There is no cure for suspicion.”

291. Growing up is a disease.

290. I just realised that, maybe, a person’s laptop keyboard cleanliness defines their own cleanliness. How can one leave dirt and fingermarks all over their laptop keyboards is beyond me.

289. Plain, yellow banana chips were solely made for afternoons. They dovetail in a lazy, rhythmic fashion. Afternoon-snacking was never better.

288. I just finished reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time for my book club. Since I am talking about reading, I hereby announce that I am formally aborting reading Somerset Maugham’s Of Human Bondage because book-reading is not supposed to be akin to weight-lifting with your brain. I wouldn’t recommend the book to anyone. I won’t even pigeonhole the book. Not a chance.

287. StumbleUpon > Facebook

286. I enjoy being in a multi-axle bus that’s being driven on a highway. There is freedom in that journey. And vindication.

285. “Wasn’t it easier in your lunchbox days?
Always a bigger bed to crawl into?
Wasn’t it beautiful when you believed everything
and everybody believed in you?”
Innocent, Taylor Swift, Speak Now

284. I like dishes made of mushroom. I prefer it over paneer. I don’t like paneer.

283. Reading and writing complex sentences could be a ritual of a different part of a galaxy. At first. I’ve read stuff that goes way above my head. I read it a second time, it makes little sense. I read it a third time, some more sense. And so on. That’s how everything is, alien at first and over-familiar later on.

282. I am happy with whatever I wrote for NaNoWriMo. It may be little, but it’s good stuff.

281. Some more resilience. Some more patience. Some more boundary-pushing. And if I can pluck it on the way—some faith too.

280. I am currently reading The Sins of the Father by Jeffrey Archer. I should be done tonight. Archer’s writing is very good. He’s got a firm grip on his construction. One must read Archer.

279. Being dispassionate is akin to being dead.

278. I saw the movie Oh My God! over the weekend. It’s a fine take on atheism v/s religion. I’m surprised Bollywood could pull off a movie like that. However, I am not sure if I liked the trailing end of the movie a lot. The movie was cheeky in the beginning and ended up becoming preachy. That was the part I did not like—the preachy part.

277. Take care to protect who you are; you can get stripped off of yourself.

276.  I still like purple.

Sprinkled Sentiments # 11

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  1. I loved the Curious Incident book… Such simplicity and crispness of thought. The story is, however, lacking – but then again it involves an autistic kid so I can’t get too Sherlock abt it…


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