The 3 Minute Podcast

During the lockdown, I did a lot of things that were uncharacteristically me. One of them was running a podcast. It started about as a very nascent thought. As someone who hasn’t been a fan of podcasts, I imagined this to be a small podcast, running for only 3 minutes, hence the name. However, when I actually started doing it, I realised it wasn’t all fun and games. (Please forgive me for some of the scratchy recording in places. We did our best in an unfamiliar territory.) I stuck to it though, and this blog post outlines the links and references to all the episodes. At this point, let’s just say that the podcast isn’t 3 minutes, but the idea for it was conceived in 3 minutes. Here we are!

The podcast comprises two kinds of episodes:

  1. Solo Episode: I try to wrap up in 3 minutes
  2. Guest Episode: I bring a friend and we talk about a topic of their interest. Definitely not 3 mins, but under 25 mins

Here are all the links to the episodes and associated references in descending order. Please feel free to send in feedback about the content or any tips / tricks that I may need to know.

Link to Entire Playlist: The 3 Minute Podcast

Episode 11 (Final Episode): On Living and Being

In this episode, listen to me talk to an old friend about what it is to grow up as a girl in India and how we have now come to unlearn some of the biases we were taught. We share our personal stories and talk about the lives we lead today. I also sign off this podcast in the last segment. Be well!

Listen to Anaghaa’s poems mentioned in the episode here.

Episode 10 (Guest Episode): Unlikely Parenting

In this episode, my friend who is an essential worker shares her experience of working through the pandemic and tending to her garden that she’s building slowly but surely.

Follow Pari’s blog here and her unlikely parenting journey on Instagram here.

Episode 9 Gossip Vossip

In this solo episode, I talk about the overall pandemic life. The 5 things I like about the lockdown and 5 things I dislike about the lockdown.

Episode 8 (Guest Episode): A New Member

In this episode, we talk to my friend whose mom took in a stray kitten at the end of 2019 and how he has been raising the kitten in his home, the newest things he has learnt about cat maintenance, and how his long-standing wish has come true!

Episode 7: Our Collective Sadness

In this episode, I talk about the sadness we’re all feeling and which begets acknowledging. I narrate some real-life incidents and just state the way we’re feeling. No fanfare, no advice, just what it is.

Episode 6 (Guest Episode): Love Affair

In this episode, my guest and I talk about the books we are reading, the books we love, and our relationship with them. It has book recommendations, conversations about current reads and re-reads, and just professing our love for books.

Follow her (now completed) book challenge on her IG page here.

Books Mentioned in the Podcast:

  1. Ishq Mein Sheher Hona
  2. The Earthsea Adventures by Ursula K Le Guin
  3. Circe by Madeline Miller
  4. Small Days and Nights by Tishani Doshi

Episode 5: Spanish Masala

In this episode, I talk about the Spanish TV Show I am watching on Netflix and thoroughly enjoying for various reasons. I also talk about how some stories even after years are still the same.

Netflix Link to Show: Cable Girls

Episode 4 (Guest Episode): A Bowl of Comfort

In this episode, my friend talks about a TV show with which she is currently obsessed. It is wholesome, inclusive, and promises warmth and comfort.

TV Show: Masterchef Australia (Season 12) : Airs on Disney+ Hotstar (Premium)

Episode 3: Sandpaper Stories

In this episode, we stay true to the podcast name by keeping it for 3 minutes and setting context around it. We also talk a little bit about letters received and the routine we have come to adopt. DM me on @ bookhad on IG and @ amarllyis on Twitter to send a request/message/toss a casual thought into the universe.

Episode 2 (Guest Episode): The Every Day

In this episode, we have shifted the podcast base to SoundCloud, spoken to a psychology professor, learnt more about lockdown woes, and realised there is still much to learn about audio files and hosting podcasts.

Episode 1: Test Talk

This scratchy, unplanned episode lays the foundation for this podcast. As the name suggests, it is a test run and a behind-the-scenes, if you will, of how the podcast came into being.

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