Long Overdue Notes

I seem to have forgotten how to blog from the phone. I would have preferred a laptop to make a mention on this blog. However, that's not happening anytime soon. I'm back in Istanbul after spending a good 8 days in Central and Western Turkey. My plan now is to walk around this city, take... Continue Reading →

Notes to Self

I don't know what merit there is in believing that history will not be repeated with you. Where does the heart get that kind of brazen hope? Hope, which tells you that what's been proven to happen with someone else cannot happen with you? There's a word for that - foolhardy. But who's to tame... Continue Reading →

Lingering Taste of Freedom

Today I saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Suffice to say that it's an absolutely wonderful movie. There's a scene in the movie when Walter Mitty skates down a long road on a skateboard to get to an air field. I absolutely loved that scene and I smiled all through it. Some might say... Continue Reading →

Forecasting or the lack of it

When a project at work is about to end, we go looking for another one. To be fair, someone else goes looking for us, and then we comply, or as it happens in most cases, we don't. The phase when this transition occurs is one of the most itchy phases, for me, as I have... Continue Reading →


I have a persistent feeling that something which¬†weighed down my¬†world was lifted last night as I lay asleep. In some inexplicable way, it was unlocked, unchained, and let free such that it welled up, watched me sleep, and then determinedly disappeared into the space above this planet. My heart felt free this morning. Daybreak was... Continue Reading →

Scattering Wishes

Today, I called a friend to wish him for his birthday. I like instinctive conversations, as I am sure we all do. A part of the conversation went like this: Me: Are you in Delhi or Hyderabad now? Him: Delhi. I came over for the weekend. But I'm planning to come back for good man.... Continue Reading →

The Boat in a Bowl

The weather is dry. An inconsiderate wind blows once in a while. The land lying below is stern and uninviting. It is also silent here. There isn't a sound, except that of echoing silences punctured by thoughts that come from far away. These sounds are intermittent. Spread like a bed sheet all around is a... Continue Reading →

Sometimes it doesn’t…

When it doesn't fit in your grasp and it doesn't keep your hold. When it doesn't stay inside your reach, and it doesn't feel as whole. When it doesn't mind itself with you, and abounds adrift and free. Just let it go my friend, how can you ever catch the breeze? -Sameen  

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