When all is not Blue and Red

I don’t know why some people would type only in title case or stick chewed gum under the bus seat. I don’t know why it’s okay for some girls to chase local trains in heels or tweet about their crush all day. I don’t know why most people would choose burger without cheese and why they might take the elevator instead of the stairs. I don’t have any comprehension why people use ‘k’ instead of ‘ok’ and why some puritans, like me, go livid at it. I don’t know why the patterns on clothes in the market are all alike or why I haven’t written enough poetry last year. I don’t know why they say long distance relationships are tough and don’t work when the ‘short distance’ ones die as quickly. I don’t know why papaya is not a popular fruit or why people prefer beaches to mountains.

I do know that when my pencil is decreasing in length, I had better be writing what I see to draw pictures more than to pass judgement. For who better than an artist to know that it’s okay to be different? And some times it’s okay to not believe. It’s okay to be uncouth and okay to not concede. It’s okay to be a kaleidoscope because with every change of a light ray the patterns are different. And so they will always be. One turn and your mosaic is blue and red. Another turn and it’s not blue and red. What happens when the colors change? What happens when all is not the same? You just pick your pencil and draw what you can see.

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