Long Overdue Notes

I seem to have forgotten how to blog from the phone. I would have preferred a laptop to make a mention on this blog. However, that’s not happening anytime soon. I’m back in Istanbul after spending a good 8 days in Central and Western Turkey. My plan now is to walk around this city, take the tram, hop over to Beyoglu and Ortokoy, and finish all the money that I have on me before I leave in another three days.

That my hotel is right in the heart of the old city with the Grand Bazaar just a few minutes away from me, is a major source of glee. For an appropriate comparison, staying here is similar to staying in Chandni Chowk or Karol Bagh minus the unsafe atmosphere. The people are all over, the tram is running through the place, the historical monuments are just around the corner, and I’m sure there is enough food around. (I’m yet to have Kofte, I’ve had the Kebabs.) When I was outside, a cool breeze darted all around, fluttered my dress, and made me want to rush into a warm enclosure. The one regret that I have from the shopping here is that I won’t be able to buy the lovely over coats; they will be of no use in Bombay weather. But if I’d stayed in Delhi, or if I stay back here, I shall buy them – in cream, black, and sky blue.

Anyhoo. This post is because my blog deserves it and because all my loved ones have forgotten me. All of you just wait till I return. Or maybe not.

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