Time Travel

I don't think I want to travel by plane anymore. I've taken too many flights recently. They speed up time. I want to take a train to the North next. It will change soil every few hours. It will slow down time.

Long Overdue Notes

I seem to have forgotten how to blog from the phone. I would have preferred a laptop to make a mention on this blog. However, that's not happening anytime soon. I'm back in Istanbul after spending a good 8 days in Central and Western Turkey. My plan now is to walk around this city, take... Continue Reading →

What I brought back from the recent excursion... Hover over the image to control the speed of the slide show.

Time to go…

Sunshine shining on my back And a million places I've yet to see A lot of water has run under the bridge Time has no time to wait for me. I've read those books that have caught my eye Now its time to read those I ignored Three dozen delicacies I've tasted since There are... Continue Reading →

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