Let There be Space

Locked up for more than nine months, there are thoughts in their mind that have outgrown their stay, festered, and even forgotten. I’ve not gotten them out. And even if I have, they’ve been so poorly said that their magnificence or their decadence has not been properly acknowledged. It’s time that I break the chains. My mind could do with a little cleaning up.

All this while I had parked them aside intending to bring them out in long blog posts whenever I am ready. Or I had written them in my notes to be used in my book. Earlier, I had put some down in my letters to pen friends. However, their accumulation has been gradual. Their use – minimal. You know how that kind of thing gathers dust? Pretty much the same way it hinders me from maintaining this blog.

To unchain whatever it is that has been chained, I’m going to plot them down on this blog with advance apologies that some really untidy stuff might come this way. I’m going to be judgemental, pathetic, messily exuberant, and even (forced) poetic at times. You have been warned.

This is necessary.

Let the exoneration begin.

7 thoughts on “Let There be Space

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  4. I think this is the reason why a person initially maintains a blog, isn’t it?

    In your own words, “…to be judgemental, pathetic, messily exuberant, and even (forced) poetic at times” you see how easy it is to empty oneself of the baggage by being what you WANT to be.

    I’m back to reading and writing on this medium from NOW. Have stayed away from my own blog for far too long.


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