Let There be Space

Locked up for more than nine months, there are thoughts in their mind that have outgrown their stay, festered, and even forgotten. I've not gotten them out. And even if I have, they've been so poorly said that their magnificence or their decadence has not been properly acknowledged. It's time that I break the chains.... Continue Reading →

Notes to Self

I don't know what merit there is in believing that history will not be repeated with you. Where does the heart get that kind of brazen hope? Hope, which tells you that what's been proven to happen with someone else cannot happen with you? There's a word for that - foolhardy. But who's to tame... Continue Reading →


Marine Drive is 2.9 units* away from VT station. (Yes, VT. Let's just focus on what's more important.) So, VT station, the confluence of local railway tracks that ply tens of thousands of people every single day. Now that I think about it, I wonder that if a structure could house your thoughts as soon... Continue Reading →

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