Published Work

It has finally occurred to me to post links to my work published elsewhere on the Web. I hope to keep this as a live blog post, updating it as and when the time arrives. Hopefully, there will be more. 🙃

I Wish They Had Taught Us About Hair Rather Than Dickens in School

An essay in which I talk about why I haven’t read much Dickens, the one that got away, Bollywood influences, and yes, my hair.

Elif Shafak’s new book gives Muslim women the novel they deserve (but it needs a second draft)

A book review of ‘Three Daughters of Eve’ in which I discuss how it is common for Muslim girls to have supportive fathers and why these characters should be written more, how this novel bears a glorious weight, and why Elif Shafak almost did it.

Why Women Must Gift Men Handkerchiefs, Dictionaries, and Glue

An essay in light of the “mass molestation” incident in Bengaluru on 2017 New Year’s Eve trying to understand why men must molest women and why they behave in ways that depart from public decorum.

Perhaps no book comes as close to wrapping grief in words as this one

A reflection on Max Porter’s book ‘Grief is a Thing with Feathers’ and why it is a special book for those dealing with loss and longing, discussing various motifs used and the quotable quotes.

‘Harraga’: An Algerian Story of Path Burning, Islamic Fundamentalism, and Ghosts

A book review of Boualem Sansal’s novel ‘Harraga’ in which a Muslim woman heals the sick, takes danger in, talks to ghosts and goes above and beyond.


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