Comes and Goes (In Waves)

Earlier this year, I read Things I Don't Want to Know by Deborah Levy. It's a first person narrative of the South African writer and her answer to George Orwell's essay, "Why I Write". At the time, I was also reading another book in which there is an Egyptian character who is a paying guest... Continue Reading →

Six Word Story

Unwritten letters bled. Words fell off. Entry to the six-word story challenge by Ben Nicholson that I read on the Devilrockz blog.

How Winning is Done

*Although the incidents of this story are fictional, the premise is from real life.* It was a humid day, and she wiped the sweat on his forehead with a white and blue napkin. The trains stood tired and stared at each other unable to make basic conversation. She got into one of them and he gave... Continue Reading →


As I sped down the highway and watched my thoughts melt over the road, somewhere in my mind I thought he was right. Most of my consciousness was occupied by the rushing of the empty road towards me and me gliding to reach it. But the rest of my mind was getting convinced by the... Continue Reading →

On Reading Winman

Recently, I finished reading When God was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman. That she was an actress too, was something that we found out when we featured a quote from the book on Boohkad's 100 Quotes from 100 Books. That the first half was thoroughly engaging was expressed in my Sprinkled Sentiments post. That I... Continue Reading →

The Yellow Desk

Her nails were chipped, and she couldn't align herself to a stream of thought. She couldn't issue clear instructions to the workers in her office. As a result of which, they did what they liked and almost always fell short of expectations. The desk was yellow and had a dent on the surface. The yellow though old, stood out... Continue Reading →

That’s my love story…

It falls upon a rock, and breaks itself apart. Is it another wave of the sea, or is it my naïve heart? I’ve always been drifting and this sea has been my home. It has contained me and never questioned me. It has loved me with my creases and with my folds. I’ve been all... Continue Reading →

Notice him? I did…

He walked into the room and I did not notice him. I was immersed in my book. Obviously! What do you expect me to do before a Wireless Networks exam? Do you think it’s easy? Oh well, go try doing it yourself and I bet 100 bucks that you will fall asleep within the first... Continue Reading →

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