Something is wrong. When I think about it rationally, I convince myself that this is all a figment of my imagination and that I am getting ahead of myself. I’m not a rational person, so when I think about it in my fundamental state - that is instinctive, I have a feeling that something is... Continue Reading →

David Casts a Long Shadow

Three niches punctured a wall of the house To contain our weighing historical selves “A cross and a rihaal,” you said to me “Or one rosary?” I shrugged not knowing. You wanted a crucifix; I sought paint – White bulbs installed in tinted mauve niches. We couldn’t arrive at an agreement So we hung our... Continue Reading →

Frozen Wishes

Today, I co-facilitated a training session with someone. Since the training was about objectives and instructional design, everyone was asked to state one goal they were pursuing in a finite amount of time. Someone wanted to take a vacation, someone else wanted to lose weight, someone wanted to save, someone wanted to go scuba diving,... Continue Reading →


I've been having trouble with forgiveness. It's just not my greatest strength these days. I suspect that it's the root of having most things stuck up where they are. I fear that what I write here will be used against me, as it has been done in the past. There's no forgiveness for people trespassing... Continue Reading →

I Wish I Were a Boy

Unofficially she'd come to believe in God because it seemed handy to have someone to ask the impossible from, credit for the unexplainable, and blame for things beyond control. My conversations with God have come to an end. I don't ask for anything - neither the impossible, not even credit for the unexplainable. It's a... Continue Reading →


A stubborn, arid wind galloped past his ear as he walked on the pavement. Golden stings sent forth by the ball of fire landed on his face. He tried to use his coat to protect himself from the attack, but the wind didn't relent. A dry storm is on its way, he thought. In that moment of... Continue Reading →

Losing My Religion

Ever since I can remember, I have had a God to go to. I have believed in Him more than I did in anything else. Somehow, that hasn't been enough. There is a constant need for me to wear my religious preferences on my sleeve. I could say I am uncomfortable doing so only that... Continue Reading →

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