Fields of Gold

A few days ago, I had a thought about Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed. One that I forgot. Something about them being soul sisters, except that they are not. I didn't make a note of the thought, maybe because I was sleeping, too knocked out to actually give a fig or because I was binge-watching... Continue Reading →

The First Day

Seeking and offering neutral advice is a philanthropic act more than one of authority or rationality. Who's to say you won't be swayed by the quester's feelings and pass judgement in their favour? Or how can one know if you're a true altruist and you would offer your thoughts as pennies to give away? Seeking unbiased... Continue Reading →


A cascading string of pearls; condensed water plunging from the sky. Waterfalling books off my open shelf; a strained relationship's last try. A bereaved family-tree's autumn leaves; and the water bearer's broken pot. Shattering belief after asking to trust again; on the doorstep, a last forget-me-not. Tumbling entreaties at Death's arrival, counting blessings for barter... Continue Reading →

Finding What You Need

Recently, I found a book of quotes and poems I collected while I was a teenager. (That does make me sound old, but I'll keep that aside for now.) The book, with flowers and birds on it, is full of hope, love, friendship, little stars, and lots of warmth and optimism. It is refreshing to... Continue Reading →


It’s in there. Right there where all those precious treasures you possess belong. It’s been there for as long as you’ve known. No one has put it there. Not anyone that you know of. It lies in a cushioned bed of pink, of red, of blue, of white or any colour of your choice. And... Continue Reading →

Only if you want it to…

I’ve always believed that every relationship in the world, be it any relationship, survives only because the two people involved in it want to make it last. And the biggest example of this is any friendship you nurture. Has it ever crossed your mind that friendships last more than any other relationship because we choose... Continue Reading →

Excerpt From a Diary

Date: 4 October 2008Day: SaturdayThe sunlight streamed onto the table where I was sitting.I picked my belonging and coffee cup and moved to another table. Looking at the previously occupied table I wondered if it was feeling hot. And then I reminded myself that it was a ‘table’. It was inanimate. I was spending time... Continue Reading →

Uncomfortable Silence!

Communication these days is limited to 140 and 160 characters. I’m obviously talking about Twitter and SMS respectively. Earlier I thought that maybe our grasping levels had dipped due to which we needed to resort to just an average of 150 characters but I have to do some re-thinking now. I follow Barkha Dutt and... Continue Reading →

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