Sailing Into the Whiteness

They would gather themselves and venture into the lands naked and defenceless where they filled their solitude when everyone was coveting a paradise. Their sails constantly shifting to nurture their dreams The stories resembled glittering songs of themselves

Understanding Women

There was no coincidence that all women knew the same rules of this world. These various women did not let each other struggle. In order to understand that courage look back travel in time two centuries earlier.

A Reason to Live

Whenever a person hurts his eyes unite with his suffering to observe carefully the dropped and scattered pain that was obliged to be seen drawn opened and the source of broken reason to live.

The Origins of Time

The day looked about rather than flow scooping wild waterfalls endless seas indifferently melting snow dripping and dripping to depart from eternity and resemble tear drops that still didn't cry and become liquid from which it came.

Forever Rages Against Itself

Some nights forever rages and senses regret and forgiveness. On one side dying, on the other passing treated with respect treated with contempt and beaten like a child that saw his face before his eyes and looked at himself patched and threadbare ready to unravel order in its randomness.


He had finished his courage now completely ice cold as he had buried the two of them together, side-by-side. He wrestled with no one, but once seized by love he distributed the stories for the pleasure he had received.

When I Wake I’ll Smile

Arranged circles, shaking with embarrassment having to undress not saying it not lifting a finger the woman was given a generous-hearted person as a sound of a complaint to drown her tears to cook foods to have awful nightmares to panic or hope to establish trouble. The woman was so certain she didn't feel the... Continue Reading →

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