Platform No. 1

In the evening, I was sitting at the platform, waiting for the train, and reading The Grapes of Wrath. I was feeling a little happy with myself for having brushed off temptation and done what was uncomfortable, but the thing I had decided. Suddenly a girl came up to me, pointed at the off-white t-shirt... Continue Reading →

And so it has been…

Yesterday, I met an Irish woman who is on a visit to India. She's actually spending time in Goa but dropped in to see the city. Alone. Her friend didn't want to leave Baga beach I was told. We spoke a little, of cities, of people in cities, of people staring at tourists in cities,... Continue Reading →

What’s Cooking?

I’ve been following the TV series ‘Masterchef Autralia’ and I so love it! Infact, I remember, I used to follow a show called ‘Nigella Feasts’ by Nigella Lawson some years ago, before the cable service turned into the DTH service and my favourite channels went missing on our cable. I rarely see TV ever since... Continue Reading →

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