Something Like This

This morning I woke up and recalled the dream I had. I was in a foreign land. The runway met the city without any barriers. I walked out of the plane and into the (clean) streets. I stayed in a house from where I could see the square which had a large fountain in the... Continue Reading →

Sailing Into the Whiteness

They would gather themselves and venture into the lands naked and defenceless where they filled their solitude when everyone was coveting a paradise. Their sails constantly shifting to nurture their dreams The stories resembled glittering songs of themselves

Loud and Quiet

Dreams come on their own as a slow leak in the heavy cannonball of time. Heady and delicate purple, merrily showing off the cherry-colored bridge of the inside, the truth of the matter. Eagerly cast, irritable, and foul-mouthed, they showed that they knew at a glance what cure was needed. For one carried secrets in... Continue Reading →


I existed coyly darkened as the echo shaken by violence and dusty storm. As I shut my eyes, I was sitting on the edge. "Enough now." You roughly pulled the blanket off me.

Make Muscle

A student's all-nighter slips away unnoticed, but compare that with a carpenter's and you won't get any sleep if you're in the vicinity. Students must get some credit for slipping away into the night without much notice, and carpenter's must get more days, and more pay. That was bloody hard work that went on under... Continue Reading →


Earlier in the day, I left my dreams outside, for my trying spirit had dried.When I walked ahead and saw reality naked, I took them back inside.

Crime and Punishment

I think it's a crime to smother and kill someone else's dreams. Every time dreams die, the world becomes a bleaker place. The punishment we get for it is the world we're living in.

#5: Letters from History

Goreme - Cappadocia Region With the scant knowledge that I have of Turkish literature, I don't think there exists a collection of fantasy fiction based in Cappadocia. In fact, I find it unbelievable that there could exist none. There is so much unimaginable beauty in this place carefully laced in history that it would take... Continue Reading →

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