A Familiar Place

How do you know that a conversation has gone to hell? They ask you whether you have eaten. Here’s the thing — I’m all for talking about soaps, satellites, and satsumas — but never ever ask me, even as a conversation filler, if I have eaten. Never. I do realise “Have you eaten?” is now... Continue Reading →

Small Mercies

A couple of (sensible) and noteworthy incidents happened today. I almost felt like myself again. 1. I had an epiphany, that some people deserve their choices. They really, really do. And therefore, I deserve my twisted, terrible choices too. But that also means I can choose to put them behind me and make better ones.... Continue Reading →

One Night, and Thereafter

Yesterday, I attended a very beautiful talk at a Literature Festival. My visit to the festival made me realize what I had been sorely missing out on this year. Although I attended just one session, was hugged by a known writer, and then walked around Bandra alone on a cool winter’s night, it was reassuring... Continue Reading →

What’s Cooking?

I’ve been following the TV series ‘Masterchef Autralia’ and I so love it! Infact, I remember, I used to follow a show called ‘Nigella Feasts’ by Nigella Lawson some years ago, before the cable service turned into the DTH service and my favourite channels went missing on our cable. I rarely see TV ever since... Continue Reading →

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