Capital Letters

Allow me, dear readers, to tell you what an absolutely smashing week I've had. You could set the entire week to the tune of Uptown Funk and no event, no casual sidelong glance, no smile would miss a beat. If this week were a song, it would be #1 on the Spotify Mood Booster playlist.... Continue Reading →

Ivy and Gold

For the last four days, I've been watching the late afternoon with more attention than usual. The evening sunshine gingerly lights up the thick green creepers on the hill behind my workplace. I watch the silver fern as the wind blows and go down for a walk to feel the evening sun on my skin.... Continue Reading →

Bringing out the Microscope

John Steinbeck's novel, The Grapes of Wrath has been lying on my table(s) for a few weeks now. It's a long read, punctuated with lots of dust, chapters that scribble a picture from words, and slowly describe the migration of the Joad family. According to a Brainpicking's post, Steinbeck kept a diary while writing this... Continue Reading →

And then, there was Literature

The office library has been extended, and brand new books have been placed upon bookshelves. What pulled me inside the library was a view of the lined up stack of the P. G. Wodehouse Omnibus. The communication about the extension had come across, somehow, my laziness kept me from visiting the place. There are books... Continue Reading →

What Did You Think It Was About?

People do whatever they can to keep themselves happy. Every single act of ours is an unconscious step in the direction to find happiness. Some find it along the way, some pin it on a destination, some attach it to a person, and some believe that it will be found in the world beyond. Making... Continue Reading →

Q for Q.E.D

The basic under lying assumption for this proof is that you are in a relationship or care for someone a LOT. Given :  You are in a relationship (if you aren't already in one...) To Prove :  A person can never be truly happy, unless he/she is selfish... Proof : Now, you want yourself and... Continue Reading →

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