Heart in a Box

They didn't say anything about wrapping love and keeping it aside. Or if they did, she must have missed the memo. Because all she had ever known was to squander her affections on people who crossed her lives, and left souvenirs behind. She didn't collect them, of course, but they were there, reminders of what she had given away, and... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I make my feeble attempts to paint the stories in words that some photographs engender in my mind. This poem is my exploration of an unknown story about an unknown girl. I saw her in a photograph by an exceedingly amazing photographer friend of mine. I would recommend seeing the photograph before reading the poem, because... Continue Reading →

Patterns of Anonymity/Diffraction

Diffraction Often, in the kaleidoscope of my life I stop and look at the scattering light. I see tiny hexagons as peepholes. When I bend over and look through them, I see myself. I see the world. I see through these fragmented lenses and I drink in the colours of the sands, the joy of... Continue Reading →

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