The Truth

I wonder how many times we go through moments of severe longing for something. An intense want for something to go right, someone to pull through, some day to dawn upon us, some time to come to us and someone inside us to win. I wonder how many times we have that feeling where we're... Continue Reading →

The Precious Festival that is Life!

I've been living in a city for some time now. The city I have lived in, is like any other—busy, crowded, pseudo-purposeful, full of chaos, and hurried. While no one looks at the clouds above in a city, they exist. Even though no one acknowledges the forgotten trees that abound, they stand quietly in the... Continue Reading →

Proof of a Famous Adage – Part 1

So, after my admission of sadness yesterday, I went home. I did not know what to do with my time in the bus. I just sat still, and looked out of the window. I was phone-less, music-player-less, book-less, so I just sat and stared outside. And I pondered over my situation. I missed a friend I used to be... Continue Reading →

The “humble” comma,

Somehow, the comma has not exactly my favourite punctuation in the last one year. My work has taught me that it is a very important punctuation in the English language. (For those who do not know, I read and write for a living.) Also, I've seen that the comma is the most abused, and at other times the most... Continue Reading →


Sometimes people come close quickly, while some take time to weave into your life. But once you let them occupy a space in your being, there is no way anyone else can ever take their place. We were never meant to be replaceable—anyhow, anywhere and in any way... - Sameen

Care to Care?

Every day, on my way to work, I see school children—hardly 4 feet in height, donning a neatly ironed uniform, sporting freshly combed hair and flashing their ID cards on their chests. Tiny tots tottering away to school; oblivious to the mad, erratic, and self-consumed world around them. I’m assuming that their day starts with... Continue Reading →

If I were a painter…

Sometimes I wish I were a painter. Wouldn’t it just be wonderful to paint my thoughts? I would have canvasses sprawled all across my room showing what I felt. Wouldn’t it be a hundred times easier than explaining my feelings to someone? I’d paint my thoughts—fill them with colour. Myriad colours—each expressing a different emotion.... Continue Reading →

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