Proof of a Famous Adage – Part 1

So, after my admission of sadness yesterday, I went home. I did not know what to do with my time in the bus. I just sat still, and looked out of the window. I was phone-less, music-player-less, book-less, so I just sat and stared outside. And I pondered over my situation. I missed a friend I used to be... Continue Reading →

The “humble” comma,

Somehow, the comma has not exactly my favourite punctuation in the last one year. My work has taught me that it is a very important punctuation in the English language. (For those who do not know, I read and write for a living.) Also, I've seen that the comma is the most abused, and at other times the most... Continue Reading →


Sometimes people come close quickly, while some take time to weave into your life. But once you let them occupy a space in your being, there is no way anyone else can ever take their place. We were never meant to be replaceable—anyhow, anywhere and in any way... - Sameen

Care to Care?

Every day, on my way to work, I see school children—hardly 4 feet in height, donning a neatly ironed uniform, sporting freshly combed hair and flashing their ID cards on their chests. Tiny tots tottering away to school; oblivious to the mad, erratic, and self-consumed world around them. I’m assuming that their day starts with... Continue Reading →

If I were a painter…

Sometimes I wish I were a painter. Wouldn’t it just be wonderful to paint my thoughts? I would have canvasses sprawled all across my room showing what I felt. Wouldn’t it be a hundred times easier than explaining my feelings to someone? I’d paint my thoughts—fill them with colour. Myriad colours—each expressing a different emotion.... Continue Reading →

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