On Writing

When asked what I'd like to do with my life, it's very easy for me to say that I want to write. Whether this reply comes from the joy of writing or from the comfort of the presence of a purpose, however sheer it may be, it is hard to say. It could also be that my... Continue Reading →

On Reading Adichie

When I started reading Elif Shafak, I had no inkling that I would be introduced to a new country, its people, its amalgamated culture, and discover a city that I will come to love and eventually visit. What struck me most about reading Elif Shafak was how a book made of paper became a window into... Continue Reading →

And then, there was Literature

The office library has been extended, and brand new books have been placed upon bookshelves. What pulled me inside the library was a view of the lined up stack of the P. G. Wodehouse Omnibus. The communication about the extension had come across, somehow, my laziness kept me from visiting the place. There are books... Continue Reading →

And yes, that’s just my opinion!

I've been meaning to blog about a class I took recently. After some prodding by a colleague, I joined what I call a 'syllable' class. Of course, the right way to call it would be the Stress and Intonation class, but I call it the 'syllable' class. These are enhancement classes that take place in... Continue Reading →


A friend shared the following on Facebook. I wanted to save it somewhere and I thought my blog would be the best place to do that. 3 exceptional lines that echo one thought in a crazily awesome manner. (I could have used better adjectives but this is crazily awesome.) There has been no better use... Continue Reading →

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