There's just no other way to describe this account I came across on Instagram. This is book porn. And I am sold.

What I brought back from the recent excursion... Hover over the image to control the speed of the slide show.

Day 5: Flight

Venturing out into a new city is both, frightening and exciting, at the same time. You never know what might happen to you, but you also don't know what you're going to find. Probably a new place, an experience to take back home, an incident that you can reflect on or narrate as a story... Continue Reading →

Day 4: Dreams

I read a story today written by a fellow blogger/writer. It was anonymous so I don't know who wrote it. To put it loosely, it was a story about a girl whose dream is shattered. She is contemplating the whys and hows of what happened to her. It was a simple story but the gravity... Continue Reading →

And then…

...some pictures I took (and Instagrammed) during my trip to my village.   Previous, Related Posts: About travelling, and writing of it: Emptying the Cup About photos that are poems: Because I Can Instagram About photos of a poet's house: Ghalib Memorial

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