Sunset Murals (Three Poems)

Our sunscreen is melting The house we stand in front of is made of broken white,collected silence, unloved days, and empty water ductsthat have been dry for so long we find bird nests strewn in them. We are afraid to sweep away the beds of brown leaves,nests et al, because we know we won’t be... Continue Reading →


Things I Would Tell You If You Hadn't Gone Away For my weekly horoscope, the tarot reader pulled out a Four of Wands card. It means that I have lost my religion. If you add half a teaspoon of jaggery sugar in a cup of black coffee, it becomes easier to swallow on a wounded... Continue Reading →


Every morning, she pulls herself out of the rabbit hole, climbs down her bed, and gently lands on her feet. The remains of the previous night are scattered alibi on the floor — worn out stationery, money gone out of circulation, handwritten telephone diaries, the wreckage of old friends. Who made this mess? Where are... Continue Reading →

Bring in the Fire

The hills... didn't say anything...of course, but they've put your aroused troubles on the news. It's under control. The smoke, has been staying with us, insisting to be looked after.


I existed coyly darkened as the echo shaken by violence and dusty storm. As I shut my eyes, I was sitting on the edge. "Enough now." You roughly pulled the blanket off me.

At the Chime of a City Clock

I can hear the closing of the day. There's an abundance of memoirs - fallen words inside my coffee cup, unlit, unscented candles, the red postbox at the end of the street, and knots in my hair, golden and burnt each with a story to relay. The windows are closed, one by one, in steady... Continue Reading →

Six Times Over

Maybe it's time for me to stop blogging - this is a thought that came to me many times during this year. Simply because of the fact that it's been 6 years since I started and I'm not sure how far I've come. Although this doesn't come from a sense of worthlessness that dominated 2013... Continue Reading →

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