He had finished his courage now completely ice cold as he had buried the two of them together, side-by-side. He wrestled with no one, but once seized by love he distributed the stories for the pleasure he had received.

When I Wake I’ll Smile

Arranged circles, shaking with embarrassment having to undress not saying it not lifting a finger the woman was given a generous-hearted person as a sound of a complaint to drown her tears to cook foods to have awful nightmares to panic or hope to establish trouble. The woman was so certain she didn't feel the... Continue Reading →

Loud and Quiet

Dreams come on their own as a slow leak in the heavy cannonball of time. Heady and delicate purple, merrily showing off the cherry-colored bridge of the inside, the truth of the matter. Eagerly cast, irritable, and foul-mouthed, they showed that they knew at a glance what cure was needed. For one carried secrets in... Continue Reading →

Lock and Key

File them away - suspicion reflections friendships socialising - They'd crowd at the well to appear as if they had no choice but to enter into unavoidable friendships. Separate them. Lose their call.


I look out. I don't see. I see. I get off. I start walking. I escape. I move. I change my mind. I'm heavy. I'm ugly. I will last long enough to count.

On Becoming

I was dreaming, I'd climbed up onto a violent wind shaken by pitch-black dust, being swept away over a bright red spider looking for white snow, little threads, baby shoes, a bird, house. I was me.

The Great TV Show 

I thought it would pass when the television show put on the slippers and went out. We looked out and saw the street doing a belly dance humiliating us, with our pyjamas and rheumatic life. "Don't worry about the neighbourhood," said the chewing, "You're always going to be living dropped in this distress."

Bring in the Fire

The hills... didn't say anything...of course, but they've put your aroused troubles on the news. It's under control. The smoke, has been staying with us, insisting to be looked after.

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