The People Beyond Our Doors

He went in the future and made startling sounds that would spin for hours. Sometimes he would chew the color of not long before. He was broken. He won't show it to anyone but you. Let him come in.

Break Open

Belong to anyone else. Not put up any resistance. Trembling with blood Flung far away Opened and linked by confused hallucinations melting into one half-completed smile. Be finished and temporary. Bring back the broken. Step forward and complete that torn darkness. Open with surprise picking at the scabs of the wound.  

On Being Sufi

His mind shook. His eyes accustomed to yet another curtain of darkness. He'd been awaiting his reflection. Like two mirrors facing each other their eyes began to dance the ancient dance. Every wound spun in the snowstorm of their hearts. In that dark, narrow brilliance of their souls they belonged.

The Birth of the Sun

The shore had been combing the light. It was stretched full-length waved in the wind looking deeply into people and avoided asking questions. At night, he cut off, becoming smaller as it did so, and lit a huge fire and placed it at the centre.

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