Dilute Resolutions

This morning I was quickly going to write about how I decided to re-include reading in my schedule. I told myself - no matter if my travel is just 15 mins in the train, I shall dedicate those 15 mins solely for reading. Also, I decided to read a book written by a male author. This has... Continue Reading →

For the blog. For me.

I've spent enough time thinking of a good opening line for this post. Especially since I have so many things sitting right on top of my mind peeping over the ledge and, unfortunately, not falling over. I could do with a little less thinking you see. I have come to realise that sometimes no one... Continue Reading →

And then, there was Literature

The office library has been extended, and brand new books have been placed upon bookshelves. What pulled me inside the library was a view of the lined up stack of the P. G. Wodehouse Omnibus. The communication about the extension had come across, somehow, my laziness kept me from visiting the place. There are books... Continue Reading →

Some Day

This morning, I finished re-reading Black Milk by Elif Shafak. The first time I read it was in February this year when I was vacationing in Kerala. Back then it took me 5 hours to finish it. This time I savoured it much longer. I have come to the conclusion that this is a book I... Continue Reading →

On Reading Burgess

What’s it going to be then, eh? On the nochy I was given six books to read, I wondered which one I would go with first, now that I had a malenky biblio of my own. As I made my choice, I saw a book with a glass of moloko on the cover, and visions... Continue Reading →

On Reading Zusak

Remember those writing workshops you went to where they asked you to describe a cloud in 100 different ways? Probably not. You were possibly imagining your tiny self cartwheeling on bookshelves in bookstores across the world and your words lining the lips of your readers. You weren't paying as much attention because your character was... Continue Reading →

On Reading Atkinson

Hades came darting with horses as I poured sherbet into a carafe Lilacs bloomed on my doorstep and crept up on the cat's wooden staff The sky was a purple puddle and when I sat down to read a fire erupted behind me while I sipped on chamomile tea My brother accompanied the fishes as... Continue Reading →

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