Letting down happens... in unopened-unanswered letters. under a stormy sky when the roof’s broken. inside "just one" chocolate for recess. Letting down happens... in the mistrust in a lover’s touch. when life turns out to be what they said. stalking you like that past that’s dead. Letting down happens... in the coldness of a friend’s... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Goodbyes?

And here I sit in the middle of November with just 15 days to go and nothing planned for my 3rd blogoversary. 3rd? Oh my God! Is it really the third year of blogging? I feel like it was just yesterday we went cruising from A to Z on this very blog with so many wonderful people aboard! To be... Continue Reading →

Of Feeling and Thinking

Work is relaxed right now. We still haven't jumped into deep waters, and everyone is adrift with just enough to do and almost nothing to do. It's a scarily delicate balance. One prod here and we'll have our hands full. One nudge there and we can while away time just as we please! So, basically... Continue Reading →

It’s a Sad Sad Story…

I look at my blog occasionally, when I find the courage to face myself, and I see an empty notebook. While I am fond empty notebooks, like I mentioned in an earlier post, I do look at this one now and feel—sad. Yes, that's the word—sad! It's sad that I don't have the time to... Continue Reading →


It's a yellow summer morning; as I open my diary. And on this grey cloudy night; I read about a girl I used to be. I read about the high swings. I read about the delicious cakes. I read about frequent crimson smiles. And I read of retrospective mistakes. I read of the dreams I... Continue Reading →

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