Summertime Sadness

"I get really, really scared of how this is going to go." ... "And you know what? Nobody wants to hear that stuff. Nobody wants you to talk about being afraid, or in pain, or being scared of dying through some stupid, random infection." - Me Before You; Jojo Moyes I have a dull pain... Continue Reading →


They say heaven is a place where there are rivers of milk and honey, trees abundant with the juiciest fruits, houses that resemble palaces, and everyone is joyous all the time. (Never in my life have I heard about the 72 virgins theory, just FYI.) There's a heaven seven skies above us, apparently, and one... Continue Reading →

The Boat in a Bowl

The weather is dry. An inconsiderate wind blows once in a while. The land lying below is stern and uninviting. It is also silent here. There isn't a sound, except that of echoing silences punctured by thoughts that come from far away. These sounds are intermittent. Spread like a bed sheet all around is a... Continue Reading →

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