On Being Sufi

His mind shook. His eyes accustomed to yet another curtain of darkness. He'd been awaiting his reflection. Like two mirrors facing each other their eyes began to dance the ancient dance. Every wound spun in the snowstorm of their hearts. In that dark, narrow brilliance of their souls they belonged.

Sailing Into the Whiteness

They would gather themselves and venture into the lands naked and defenceless where they filled their solitude when everyone was coveting a paradise. Their sails constantly shifting to nurture their dreams The stories resembled glittering songs of themselves

The Invitation by Oriah

Because somethings need to be preserved in a space where I can easily find them. It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to... Continue Reading →

For the blog. For me.

I've spent enough time thinking of a good opening line for this post. Especially since I have so many things sitting right on top of my mind peeping over the ledge and, unfortunately, not falling over. I could do with a little less thinking you see. I have come to realise that sometimes no one... Continue Reading →


Days pass in great swathes of knowing. The knowing that we usually crave. Today, it struck me that I have arrived. I know where I'll find the left over handkerchiefs from yesterday and where I can pick up daily doses of self-flagellation. I know the songs waiting for me over souvenirs I have collected and... Continue Reading →


I have a persistent feeling that something which weighed down my world was lifted last night as I lay asleep. In some inexplicable way, it was unlocked, unchained, and let free such that it welled up, watched me sleep, and then determinedly disappeared into the space above this planet. My heart felt free this morning. Daybreak was... Continue Reading →

White and Hot

From a very young age, I have been acquainted with anger. I wasn't an angry child. I have just seen anger up close. I wasn't an angry teenager, either. But yes, I was a very angry young adult. Now, that I am veering towards being a 'woman' (as I would like to think) I believe... Continue Reading →

Day 4: Dreams

I read a story today written by a fellow blogger/writer. It was anonymous so I don't know who wrote it. To put it loosely, it was a story about a girl whose dream is shattered. She is contemplating the whys and hows of what happened to her. It was a simple story but the gravity... Continue Reading →

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