Budding Stories

There's a feeling inside me which knocks and tells me that I'm going far away from stories. All in all it is true because I've hardly read a book in over 4 months now. I've started too many of them, but read none to the end. So this feeling is becoming more and more pronounced... Continue Reading →

#8: When Fiction Meets Fact

Ephesus *This is a real-life story. It has some gaps, which will require some imagination on the reader's part. This story has been transcribed after it was told to me in bits and parts, orally. The names of characters have been changed. Apologies in advance for the bad narration.* In 1943, a Jewish refugee from... Continue Reading →

Emptying the Cup

In the past month, I have traveled much and seen much. However, contrary to my aspirations about what travel would do for my writing, I haven't written much. I've been in a bus, on a plane, met strangers and smiled with them, eaten to my heart's content so much that I would throw up, I have played... Continue Reading →

My Stories

I left a part of me back there at the doorstep; my footprints at the gates and not inside of your home away from home. I left a part of me in the lanes of the bazaars that you frequent, to buy silver ware and copper wires, and take me along when I'm 1407 kms... Continue Reading →

Stories…of all kinds!

Rowling told us a story: “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” -Albus Dumbledore Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 releases this Friday – 19th November. For all the ardent, magick-ed fans of Potter and gang, this is one big day. What we’ve read over a period of time with... Continue Reading →

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